Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Himalayan Salt Lamps

Salt rock crystal is known for its ability to ionise the air. The highest grade of natural Salt mined from the Himalayan mountain ranges which nestled the famous Mt.Everest.

Salt lamp neutralizes positive ions

The Salt lamp takes the positive ions in the air and creates negative ions by purifying the air which occurs indoors or in built up areas such as cities. A positive ion in the air is a molecule that has lost its electrons through air pollution. Negative ions are naturally created by wind, sunlight, surf, rainstorms etc. Scientific studies show that crystal lamps can increase the negative ion count by up to 300%.

Effective uses and benefits of Salt Lamps

It is believed that the Himalayan Salt Lamp assists in the following ways:

Mind: Increases alertness, elevates mood and improves concentration in oneself. Also said to assist people suffering from anxiety and insomnia
Body: Provides clean and pure air. Decreases airborne bacteria and can assist with headaches, allergies and breathing difficulties.
Spirit: Enforces the flow of Chi Energy within your environment and enhances meditative experiences.

Allergy Sufferers - Keeps the air around you clean and ionised naturally.
Concentration – It is said to improve concentration and is refreshing, neutralizing the effects of stress, artificial light and poor air circulation.
Massage rooms. Will greatly enhance and create a natural ionising, calming, wellness environment and will also renew the air.
Computer users -reduces fatigue, counter EMF(electro magnetic field) pollution effects from equipment. The lamp will also minimize the effects of all that monitor radiation.

Bedrooms – Keeps the atmosphere clean and assists with breathing.

Small Salt Lamps weigh between 3-5 kg

Medium Salt Lamps weigh between 5-7kg

Large Salt Lamps weigh between

XL Salt Lamps weigh between

XXL Salt Lamps weigh between 13 -19 kg

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