Salt Therapy


 What is involved in salt therapy?

“Asthma is often caused by inhaling allergens like dust and smoke. Halotherapy treatment cleans your airways and removes obstructions including tobacco smoke, pollen and dust thereby making breathing easier.”

Therapeutic sessions take place within the salt room or salt cave. (The salt room is a reproduction of the subterranean salt caves that were used for therapeutic purposes many centuries ago.)

The room itself is covered in salt to mimic the healing environment of the salt cave. There are relaxing chairs, and toys for children to play with while soothing light and tranquil music add to the surroundings. A session will normally last 45 minutes.

Throughout the session dry salt aerosol generators blow salt particles into the air and work to relieve and enhance the power of the salt room and effect further relief and treatment for sufferers.

 “The process is good for the nervous system and relieves stress and anxiety as it is saturated with negative ions. It relieves dermatological problems as salt destroys bad bacteria on the skin”


What is Salt Therapy?

Salt Therapy (Speleotherapy or Halotherapy) is a completely natural, non-invasive and drug free treatment where dry salt aerosol is passively inhaled in a specially constructed Salt Room or Speleochamber.

This therapy involves breathing in microscopic salt particles which has a positive effect on respiratory and skin aliments. The dry sodium chloride aerosol in the Salt Room eliminates airborne particles from the airways and helps the body purge itself of toxins. Salt Therapy is a safe complimentary therapy and has no side effects.

There are no microbes or allergens in the Salt Room. This allows the body’s immune system to rest during treatment. The salt particles convert positive ions into negative ions, vital in strengthening the body’s immune system.

How does Salt Therapy work?

Salt Therapy is based on the principle of prolonged exposure to the microclimate found in natural salt mines or salt caves. Salt & Soul uses patented state of the art technology to reproduce the atmosphere of a salt cave with a monitored therapeutic microclimate. Air in our Salt Rooms is ionized and saturated with a natural substance – a low concentration of curative highly dispersed aerosol of dry saline (salt).

The microclimate in our Salt Rooms is formed naturally, through convective diffusion from the salt walls combined with controlled temperature and humidity. This creates a hypo-bacterial and allergen-free air environment.
Inhalation of salt aerosol is clinically proven to cleanse the respiratory system of the human body and to speed up elimination of toxins. A salt aerosol rich in negative ions is proven to have bactericidal effects, cleansing microbial flora of the respiratory tract, slowing down bacterial growth and increasing resistance to respiratory tract diseases. This effect is used to treat asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, as well as frequent respiratory tract diseases in children and adults.

Airborne salt particles have a beneficial effect on skin and are known for their high cosmetic value due to the high mineral content. Salt aerosol is a well-known decongestant. It reduces inflammation and has antimicrobial affects.

What is the difference between Speleotherapy and Halotherapy?

The term Speleotherapy comes from the Greek word Speleon, meaning cave. Speleotherapy is the use of a subterranean salt cave environment for therapeutic purposes, especially in the treatment of chronic airway diseases.
Since natural salt caves and salt mines are not conveniently accessible for most people, the conditions of the salt caves were recreated by using Halotherapy (halos in Greek means salt). Dry sodium chloride aerosol containing particles of 1-5um in size is produced by a special nebulizer and released into the Salt Room.

Here at Salt & Soul we offer a combination of both Speleotherapy and Halotherapy to maximise treatment benefit to you.

Who may benefit from Salt Therapy treatment?

Salt is an anti-inflammatory and an anti histamine as well as having antiseptic properties. The salt travels through the airway and shifts the mucus to help sufferers of respiratory conditions. The Salt Therapy helps sufferers of skin conditions like eczema and Psoriasis relieve their conditions

 Salt Therapy may benefit people of any age with respiratory and skin ailments, as well as those in good health who want to strengthen their immunity and enjoy a relaxing treatment with proven positive effects on wellbeing.





Salt Therapy is recommended for

  • Stress relief
  • Relaxation
  • Athletic – performance enhancing
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • General well being
  • Asthma
  • Chronic Broncitis
  • Smokers
  • Sinus
  • Eczema
  • Emphysema
  • Bronchiectasis Disease,
  • Hay Fever & allergies
  • Tonsillitis
  • Coughs,
  • Hay fever
  • Rhinitis
  • Colds & Flus
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Psoriasis
  • Dermatitis
  • Sleeping problems
  • Depression
  • Repeat Viral Infections
  • Respiratory Infections

Salt Therapy treatment is not recommended for?

Salt Therapy is not recommended for people suffering with the following:

  • Acute stage of respiratory diseases
  • Chronic obstructive lung diseases with 3rd stage of chronic lung insufficiency
  • Intoxication
  • Cardiac insufficiency
  • Bleeding
  • Spitting of blood
  • Hypertension in IIB stage
  • All internal diseases in decompensation

What do I wear during Salt Therapy?

Normal comfortable clothing is to be worn and shoe covers are provided to ensure that the Salt is kept clean.

What can I take into the Salt Cave during a session?

You are welcome to take electronic devices into the Salt Cave, magazines, books etc.

We asked that if there are other people in the Salt Cave with you the devices are on silent and you refraining from talking to ensure that they enjoy the experience.

No food or drink is permitted in the Salt Cave to ensure that the salt remains pure.

We also ask that you don’t wear any strong perfumes or aftershaves into the Salt Cave as the scent can trigger attacks in people who have respritory conditions.

Some people may choose to bring a jumper or cardigan as the temprature in the Salt Cave is regulated as the temprature and humidity must remain constant regardless of the external conditions.

Would I be in the Salt Cave with other people and Children?

We do have daily sessions that have children in them, if you were wanting to book a certain time we would advise that there would be children in the session and then the choice is yours if you would like that session or a different time.

There may be other people booked into the same session, the only time we would avise you of other people being booked into the same session is if they had children.

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