Psychic Medium

Sarah – Intuitive Psychic/Medium and healer

Since a young age Sarah has been able to see spirits and communicate openly with them. Sarah communicates with loved ones and pets that have passed over. It is often a regular occurrence at Sarah’s home for her to have spirit animals pop in and stay for a while. Throughout her life she has had a close connection with animals through work and spiritual communication allowing her to help them heal, and feel at ease.
Sarah has been guiding and helping people with her psychic and mediumship for over 30 years.
As a Medium Sarah helps people communicate with those who have passed, allowing them to heal or feel more connected. As an Intuitive Psychic Sarah can help guide people to a clearer insight in their everyday life.
Sarah’s purpose in life is as a Psychic/Medium and healer helping others to heal and guide them in their lives, assisting them also on their own spiritual journey.

Sarah can help you to discover more about matters relating to work, money, love, career and family. Benefit from Sarah’s psychic intuition in helping you to have more insight into the choices ahead of you and being able to guide you on your path.

Sarah is available every Wednesday & Friday from 10am

  • 30 minute reading: $70
  • 1 hour reading: $100

For bookings please contact Salt & Soul on (07) 5546 0055 Wednesday to Saturday.


Aura Photo’s & Reading

An Aura Photo is produced by a bio feedback imaging system which scans the energy of the hands. This information passes to a computer program which creates colours around a person’s image on professional instant film.

The subject of the aura photo sits in front of a black background to create the contrast for the colours to be most clearly visible on the photograph. As with any photograph, you are looking at a reversed image of yourself. Therefore your right hand side appears on the photo’s left hand side and vice versa.

Colour Interpretations:


Right Side: The colour on the right side (the photo’s left side) is traditionally the energy being expressed. It is what you are putting out to the world.

Centre: The Colour over your head is what you experience for yourself. It is the colour that would best describe you at present.

Left Side: The colour on the left side (the photo’s right side) is normally the vibration coming into your life. The closer it is to you the sooner it may be felt.

Several dates available throughout the year – Next date Saturday 2nd February 2019

  • Aura Photo & Reading:  $50

For bookings please contact Salt & Soul on (07) 5546 0055 Wednesday to Saturday.



Jason is a well known Psychic/Medium that has been based at Mt Tamborine & Gold Coast now for almost 15 years conducting readings and healing sessions.

Jason realised he had an ability when he was a teenager, he noticed that the visions and dreams that he was having, would become reality, within a short period.

It was when Jason saved his friends life that he realised he had to use this gift to help people. He and a mate were riding their bikes to school when Jason forced his friend off the footpath, seconds later a vehicle rounded the corner way too fast and ended up on its roof, right where Jason’s friend was riding. That day changed Jason’s life and enabled him to realise how important the visions he had were. Jason continued to listen to these guides and allow this special gift to become what it is today.

Now over 20 years later Jason has clients from all walks of life, all over the east coast of Australia. The clients are returned or new clients by recommendations, due to Jason’s accuracy and his unique style of readings. Jason combines tarot and angel cards whilst also using mediumship, and energy work if he feels it is needed.

Those who have readings with Jason, feel a connection, leave feeling confident that they have gained insight into their future endeavours. You will have direction with any questions you need answered.

Jason is available every Thursday from 10am

  • 30 minute reading: $70
  • 1 hour reading: $100

For bookings please contact Salt & Soul on (07) 5546 0055 Wednesday to Saturday.



When Kathy was a small child she used to amuse my parents by letting them know who was on the phone and who the call was for! By the time she hit her teens she was connecting with those who had passed and who needed help passing over to the spirit world. She now helps clients by clarifying what is happening in their lives, the direction they need help to move in and also by linking them with loves ones who have passed over.

Kathy believes that we can be the best we can through a process of healing and learning, both personally and with the guidance of others. Sometimes we just need to know how to put the pieces together to work towards having peace and joy in our lives. Her focus is to help to empower people to achieve all they can. Her training in counselling is reflected in her caring and understanding communication with all her clients.

Kathy has clients both within Australia as well as overseas. She is recognised for her ability to get to the heart of the problem with spiritual insight, and she offers practical advise for moving forward.
Kathy practises Clairvoyance and Healing to help people access and understand what is happening in their lives and to identify blocks that affect their ability to move ahead in this life.

Kathy is available every Saturday from 9am

  • 30 minute reading: $70
  • 1 hour reading: $100

For bookings please contact Salt & Soul on (07) 5546 0055 Wednesday to Saturday.